Time News Desk:: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that through Operation Truthful Promise, the Iranian armed forces taught the Zionist enemy a lesson, stressing that a new reckless response from the enemy would be met with a harsher and stronger response.

Tehran -ISNA- In a statement, Raisi said the operation comes in defense of Iran’s sovereignty and national interests as punishment for Iran’s enemies, and to strengthen national security.

He highlighted that this punishment fulfills Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s truthful promise.

Raisi said that this defensive measure taken by Iran falls under its legitimate right of self-defense and in response to Israeli attacks on its interests, especially the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

He added that these operations carry a message of strength and power for the Islamic nations alongside another message of fear and humiliation for the “enemies of humanity,” describing this measure as “smart and deliberate,” as the Iranian drones and missiles targeted Israeli military bases which destabilize regional security and stability.

Raisi highlighted that over the past six months, and mainly in the last 10 days, Iran has used all regional and international means to warn the international community of the dangers of the ineffectiveness of the UN Security Council, which is under the influence of the US and the supporters of Israel, over the occupation’s repeated Israeli violations.

The Iranian President also said that his country considers “peace and stability” in the region essential for Iranian national security, stressing that Iran would not hesitate in making any effort to restore peace and stability to the region.